• $1,743,785

The Elliston township currently relies on minimal underground stormwater infrastructure, relying on overland flow to low points and has previously caused flooding issues impacting on businesses within the town. The majority of the network has not been upgraded since 1982.

Inspection of the existing network has determined that most of the network is functioning poorly, with limited capacity and blocked outlets. Stormwater is discharged into the low lying swamp area which is located in the centre of the township, it is a mosquito breeding ground, drains poorly and increases the flood risk to the town.

The Elliston Stormwater Infrastructure and Samphire Flat Wetland Upgrade Project comprises an upgrade of the stormwater infrastructure to reduce flooding risk and alleviate nuisance flooding within the Elliston township.

The wetland upgrade will provide a more consistent surface topography with less detached shallow pooling areas to reduce nuisance associated with mosquitoes while allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the aesthetic and recreational benefits that wetlands can offer.

Project start:
January 2022
Expected completion:
June 2022
Current status:

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Elliston Township, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
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