• $3.2 million

The existing culvert structure on the Graham Smelt Causeway, Tumby Bay is at end of life and requires replacement to ensure ongoing township connectivity. A failure of this structure poses risk, not only to access, but also to ongoing essential service provision to approximately 400 current residents. The access provided by the causeway is also critical to the development of residential growth areas for the township.

The upgrade will provide for safe passage by cyclists and pedestrians via a shared use path, increasing the total road width at the culvert from the current  2 x 3.5m traffic lanes to incorporate 2 x 3.5m traffic lanes, a 1.5m sealed shoulder/bicycle lane and a 2.5m shared use path.

The upgrade will also increase the flow capacity of the structure, addressing the environmental concerns expressed by the Coastal Protection Board and Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board regarding the tidal flow restriction that the current structure creates for the Tumby Bay wetlands. A significant cross section increase will provide enhanced flows to this wetland of National Importance, part of which is encapsulated in the Second Creek Marine Park Sanctuary Zone.

Designer: Tonkin Consulting

Project start:
Sep 2021
Expected completion:
Mar 2022
Current status:
Tender assessment stage

Graham Smelt Causeway Mayor Sam Telfer and Manager of Infrastructure and Works Damian Windsor

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