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The project will increase capacity on all approaches to the intersection.

Grand Junction Road and Hampstead Road are key to freight movement and the existing single right turn lane at the intersection causes problems due to the slow acceleration of heavy vehicles.

There is a need for additional capacity on all approaches to the intersection to allow for this movement by duplicating the existing right turn lane.

On average more than 58,400 vehicles travel through the intersection each day.

The upgrade will also include dedicated bike lanes on all approaches, upgraded pedestrian crossings, and new and upgraded traffic signals, road lighting and line marking.

Service relocation works commenced in late June 2020.  Early works are expected to commence in the third quarter of 2020, with main works expected to begin in early 2021. It is expected to be open to traffic in early 2022

This project is jointly funded by the Australian and South Australian Governments.

Project start:
June 2020
Expected completion:
Early 2022
Current status:
Planning and early service relocation works