• $360,000

Gundry’s Hill, located at the North-Western end of Kapunda is a tourist lookout that has a panoramic view of Kapunda. The site was named after Captain Gundry who managed an early copper mine on the site and lived in a cottage diagonally opposite the entrance to the lookout.

With the expansion of the Kapunda township wrapping around this historic site, Council identified the location as an attraction requiring upgrading. With the combination of State Government Building What Matters funding, an open space contribution from the 5 Shillings developer, and Council labour, works commenced in February and are now just weeks away from completion.

The upgrade sees multiple benefits for the community, residents and tourists including:

  • stormwater infrastructure to prevent scouring of the hill and associated areas along the Southern fence line
  • a kick and catch play oval
  • a walking path connecting the car parking area with the kick and catch oval
  • entrance driveway has been kerbed and sealed
  • plants, shrubs, and trees planted across the site
  • pest plant species removed.

The works completed form Stage 1 at the site with sales of the 5 Shillings development being the trigger for further works including shelters, seating, playgrounds, and nature play areas.

This project is delivered through local council.

Total investment: $360,000 ($120,000 in state government grants).

Project start:
December 2019
Expected completion:
June 2021
Current status:

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