• $1.34 million

The Lake Bonney Recreation, Nature and Cultural Access project will upgrade and provide new critical infrastructure in the Lake Bonney Recreational and Aboriginal Heritage Purposes Reserve.

The infrastructure will increase access to all water and land based recreational activities and improve the use of the current open space within the Reserve.

The project will also enable the community to meet the growing demand for new and sustainable eco-adventure experiences in the Riverland.

Other benefits include:

  • Upgraded camping and day visitor facilities.
  • Upgraded car parking areas.
  • A network of universally accessible non-vehicle walking and cycling tracks.
  • New lighting, fencing, interpretative and cultural signage.

This project is delivered through local council.

Total investment: $1.34 million (Council: $525,000, Murray Darling Authority: $500,000, State Government: $322,250).

Project start:
March 2020
Expected completion:
December 2021
Current status:
Civil Works