• $14.2 million

The Military Road and Main Street Upgrade will revitalise the streetscapes of Military Road and Main Street, with less bitumen roadway, wider paths for people to enjoy and additional greenery and tree canopy.

The project will also transform the western part of Main Street into a public plaza with shaded lawn, sheltered public seating, improved pedestrian access, bicycle rails, feature lighting and improved outdoor dining areas, while retaining some car parking. Integrating the space with Henley Square, this project will create an open space linkage for the local community to the coast and extend the foreshore precinct for visitors.

The project will reduce urban heat, improve road user safety and access, encourage active transport, improve the public realm and increase community participation.

Pedestrians are given priority with multiple crossing points, riders can share the wide paths as well as the slow travel lanes, and public transport users are provided with high quality amenity.

This project is jointly funded by local and state governments, and privately.

Project start:
July 2021
Expected completion:
October 2022
Current status:
Early works

Image credit: City of Charles Sturt

Image credit: City of Charles Sturt