• Thousands
    Jobs created
  • $252 million

Completion of the North South Corridor (South Road section from River Torrens to Darlington) will deliver the only continuous north-south motorway connection through Adelaide.

The last remaining 10.5 kilometre section is the most complex in terms of direct roadside development and density of residential, mixed use and business-related properties.

The State and Federal Governments have already invested $4.8 billion in upgrades to the North-South Corridor and have committed $5.4 billion towards completing the T2D upgrade.

The project, currently in the planning phase, is evaluating design options for completion of the corridor based on combinations of at-grade, lowered, elevated motorway and/or tunnels.

This priority program will deliver an economic boost for the state and the local community, during and after construction; increase freight productivity, cut travel times, and improve safety for motorists.

The project will lead to the creation of thousands of jobs, both during construction and long-term.

Capital investment: $252 million to progress the planning and early enabling works.

This project is jointly funded by the Australian and South Australian Governments.

Lead contractors for initial ground investigations are Golder Associates and WSP Australia.

Project start:
August 2020
Expected completion:
Current status: