• $782,500

We are planning to improve the biodiversity, sustainability and amenity of Branson, Sierra Nevada and Grant Jacob Reserves in Pasadena by taking underground stormwater flows above ground through vegetated swales with pool and riffle elements, basins and soakage trenches.

Project delivery is likely to be staged over multiple financial years to match the funding available. Council is proceeding with the full project design and has bid for additional State Government Green Adelaide grant funding which if successful, would boost the amount of project delivery within 2020/21.

The design will seek to maximise passive irrigation to sustain and promote the growth of native vegetation and trees that will be added to the site to provide amenity and canopy cover for people visiting the reserve. A proposed retention basin will improve amenity and act a potential storage for a future water harvesting scheme.

This project is delivered through local council.

Total investment: $782,500 ($100,000 in state government grants).

Project start:
October 2021
Expected completion:
January 2022
Current status:
Under construction