• 95
    Jobs created
  • $124.5 million

The project will improve traffic flow and reduce congestion for all road users through the township of Port Wakefield, and remove all hazardous at-grade turn movements at the notorious ‘crash corner’ intersection of the Port Wakefield Highway, Copper Coast Highway and Augusta Highway.

The project will deliver:

  • two lanes in each direction through the Port Wakefield township, with provision for safe U-turns
  • Balaklava Road intersection realigned with the new southbound Port Wakefield Highway, allowing for safer turns for large vehicles
  • two-lane overpass for traffic travelling southbound from the Copper Coast Highway to Port Wakefield and traffic travelling southbound from the Augusta Highway to the Copper Coast Highway, removing all hazardous at-grade turn movements at this intersection.

Other works completed so far on the project include piling for the new southbound bridge across the Wakefield River, and preparation for the new southbound lanes including clearing approximately four kilometres of land, and relocating three kilometres of water infrastructure, which will improve the reliability of Port Wakefield’s water supply.

The new overpass is expected to be open to traffic by mid-2022, with the project expected to be complete by the end of 2022, weather permitting.

The $124.5m Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway Duplication Project is jointly funded by the Australian and South Australian governments. The project is expected to support approximately 95 full-time equivalent jobs per year, averaged over the life of the project.

The lead contractor is CPB Contractors - as part of the PW2PA Alliance.

Project start:
Late 2020
Expected completion:
Late 2022
Current status:
Under construction

Port Wakefield overpass aerial view

Port Wakefield overpass crane

Port Wakefield overpass north of town centre

Port Wakefield overpass south of town centre

Port Wakefield overpass urban design

Port Wakefield overpass on-street parking