• $4.2 million

Since 2003, the City of Onkaparinga has been working in close partnership with the Department of Infrastructure and Transport to deliver the State Government’s Coast Park vision for a 70 km coastal linear park from North Haven to Sellicks Beach.

To date, 17.8 km of Coast Park, including the shared use trail, has been completed within the City of Onkaparinga, equating to 57% of the Council’s 31 km of coastline. There is 13.2 km yet to be completed.

In June 2019, City of Onkaparinga approved the Coast Park Plan 2019 Delivering the Coast Park Vision which provides an update on the status of delivery of Coast Park and a forward plan for future stages. The City of Onkaparinga’s Coast Park Plan divides the coast into a number of sections to assist funding, planning, design and delivery of the remaining 13.2 km.

  • Northern Section – Council’s northern boundary to Pedler Creek, Moana (14.3 km)
  • Central Section – Pedler Creek, Moana to Port Willunga Foreshore (7.7 km)
  • Southern Section – Port Willunga Foreshore to Sellicks Beach Road (9 km).

The biggest gap in the delivery of Coast Park is the central section (Pedler Creek, Moana to Port Willunga Foreshore car park) where there are significant challenges (topography, land access and cultural heritage). The central section equates to 7.7 km (25%) of Coast Park within the City of Onkaparinga, and to date no sections of shared use path have been delivered in this section.

This Port Willunga North segment includes the area between Maslin Unclad Beach car park and Port Willunga foreshore car park.

The delivery of this segment contributes 2.8 km to Coast Park and will formalise an existing well-used informal path and create a major drawcard for locals and visitors.

Completion of Port Willunga North Coast Park trail will create a continuous 6.8 km shared used path link from the Maslin Beach Unclad Beach car park (to the north) to Aldinga Beach boat ramp in the south.

The project elements include:

  • 3 metre wide shared path, with 0.5 metre shoulders (total width 4.0 metres)
  • DDA compliant bridges across Willunga Creek and Chinaman’s Gully
  • extensive revegetation of the former Port Willunga Caravan Park site and additional planting along the path alignment
  • urban furniture including fencing and seating
  • wayfinding and interpretive signage
  • public art.

Formalising this segment of Coast Park will deliver an iconic cliff-top path, acting as a considerable draw-card attracting locals, visitors and tourists to this spectacular coastline. It will showcase and protect the sensitive cliffs and culturally and environmentally sensitive sites.

The Port Willunga North Coast Park Trail project also provides a range of opportunities to incorporate Aboriginal cultural considerations into the project and achieve a culturally sensitive outcome that will engage a broad and highly diverse audience (local residents, businesses and tourists).

In addition to being a valuable asset and attraction for visitors to the area, it will provide a significantly improved trail network linking Port Willunga residents with the coast.

Project start:
July 2021
Expected completion:
December 2022
Current status:

Port Willunga North Coast Trail Park render - cliff top facing north. Image from City of Onkaparinga.

Port Willunga North Coast Trail Park render - cliff top facing south. Image from City of Onkaparinga.