• 40 (per year)
    Jobs created
  • $75 million

$75 million will be invested to begin to address the public housing capital maintenance backlog and to improve sustainability and energy efficiency of public housing.

Maintenance will be needs-based but include new paving, public lighting and security at many sites. This will result in improved safety and amenity, increasing energy efficiency and appropriateness of public housing.

Through this investment, the usable life of public housing will be prolonged.

Carbon emissions arising from public housing stock will also be reduced.

The building industry will benefit through new training and employment outcomes.

Capital maintenance works are undertaken by a number of Multi-Trade Contractors engaged by the SA Housing Authority under the multi-year arrangement.

Works for these programs are determined on a priority basis according to asset condition.

Contractors are:

Project start:
March 2020
Expected completion:
June 2030
Current status:
Underway and ongoing