• $430,467

The Flinders Ranges Council, in the far mid north of South Australia, is currently developing a ‘Bush Tucker Walk’ which, on completion of all stages, will offer the local community and visitors opportunities for unstructured active recreation via a pathway that is themed on ‘bush foods’ from the region, and meanders among plantings which are nurtured by a dedicated team of local volunteers.

Stage 2 is the exciting second phase of the project, which will complete what will ultimately be a 5km shared loop trail, that will be freely accessible to users of all ages and levels of mobility. Outdoor exercise equipment will be installed along the pathway as well as lighting, seating and a picnic area with a water fountain and barbeque, offering additional opportunities for outdoor exercise and recreation in a healthy and appealing garden environment.

Key highlights include:

  • safe pedestrian linkage between town precincts via a pathway promoting outdoor exercise and recreation
  • urban greening promoting drought resilience initiatives.
Project start:
June 2021
Expected completion:
Aug 2022
Current status:

Bush Tucker Walk - current view. Image from The Flinders Ranges Council

Bush Tucker Walk - proposed change. Image from The Flinders Ranges Council