• $4,680,000

The project is the Rural Road Sealing – Freight and Tourism project to seal freight and tourism networks to deliver improved quality roads that will benefit local community, allow tourists to reach their destinations safely, and achieve freight efficiencies, to be constructed at the project location in accordance with the project documents.

The project is to construct and seal the sections of roads specified at the project location, typically with the following specifications:

  • 11 metre wide formation
  • Construction of 2 X 150 mm compacted layers of 40 mm crushed limestone rubble
  • 8 metre 2 coat 14mm/7mm spray seal
  • Line marking/regulatory signage
  • Stormwater infrastructure
  • Asphalt seal at intersections.

Lead contractor: Adelaide Plains Council

Project start:
Sep 2021
Expected completion:
Sep 2023
Current status:
Early works

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