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The sealing of the 472 kilometre Strzelecki Track, funded by the Australian and South Australian governments, will increase outback prosperity, productivity and road safety.

The South Australian Government funded $10 million to seal Stage 1, the first 50 kilometres of the Strzelecki Track, immediately north of Lyndhurst which opened to traffic in May 2021.

The South Australian and Australian Governments are jointly funding (on an 80:20 basis) $125 million, for Stage 2 Sealing of the Strzelecki Track.

An additional $80 million was included in the 2021-22 State Budget towards completely sealing the full length of the track. The additional funding is provided on an 80:20 basis with the Australian government contributing $64 million and the South Australian government contributing $16 million in funding.

Sealing the Strzelecki Track will deliver multiple benefits for users including maximising:

  • days the Strzelecki Track remains open for use by industry and the community
  • efficiency of travel that reduces wear and tear on vehicles
  • catchment area and economic output for industries using the Strzelecki Track.

The Strzelecki Track is a vital supply link for major oil and gas facilities located near Moomba and an essential transport corridor for outback communities, tourism and pastoralists.

Pavement rehabilitation works on the first 50 kilometre section were completed by South Australian company T&J Constructions, with sealing works completed by Downer EDI.

Additional pavement widening and shoulder sealing of the previously-sealed 24 kilometre section now means a total of 74 kilometres of sealed road is open to traffic to improve travel reliability and efficiency.

Pre-construction activities for the next two packages of works, a 10 kilometre section south of Innamincka and a 93 kilometre section south of Moomba to the Strzelecki Creek crossing are underway.

Project start:
Late 2020
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Under construction