• $13.4 million

South Australia’s EV Charging Network aims to remove one of the main barriers of electric vehicle purchase, range anxiety, with the installation of fast, rapid and ultra-rapid charging stations across the state.

A key deliverable of South Australia’s Electric Vehicle Action Plan, the state government is investing $13.4 million in the new network which will help to bolster consumer confidence in electric vehicles.

Transport in South Australia contributes to 30 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions, which can be addressed if electric vehicles become the preferred choice for households and business by 2030 and the default choice by 2035.

In turn, greater penetration of electric vehicles throughout our state will lower transport costs, cut emissions and reduce pollution, bringing forward public health, environmental and economic benefits.

Customer convenience, route flexibility and choice of charging destinations will underpin the network design with an investment focus on highway and tourist destinations, including overnight accommodation, that are critical to long distance travel, interstate connectivity and tourism.

The project will deliver an extended charging network across regional and remote South Australia in addition to more charging stations in key tourist areas in the Adelaide Hills, Mid North, Far North, Eyre Peninsula and Limestone Coast. Specifically:

  • Fast charging stations across sites including shopping centres, town centres, car parks, hotels, motels and holiday parks in metropolitan, regional and remote areas.
  • Rapid and Ultra Rapid powered highway charging stations that will provide up to 100-350 kilometres of range extension in 10 minutes.

The state government is currently calling for proposals from charge point operators to apply for grant funding to develop sections of the network. To date, more than 600 sites have been registered by businesses and property owners across the state that are interested in hosting electric vehicle charging stations as part of the South Australia’s EV Charging Network.

Project start:
Jan 2022
Expected completion:
Jan 2024
Current status:

Map of the South Australian electric vehicle charging stations

Map of South Australia showing the locations of electric vechicle charging stations. Image from the Department for Energy and Mining.

See a larger version of the map (JPG, 621.4 KB).