• $1,500,000

The project is the State Heritage Coach House restoration and Pedestrian Bridge upgrade, to be constructed at the Living Kaurna Cultural centre, and includes:

  • restore the Coach House external façade, including damp proofing, patching repainting, prepare and repaint in whitewash
  • restore the Coach House basement, including repair and concrete basement floor, refix and repair access ladder to basement
  • replace all Coach House internal walls and flooring, including patching repointing, repair and repaint in whitewash, repair ceiling finishes, strengthen ground and mezzanine floor, new floating floor
  • paved flooring
  • connect Coach House building services including water, sewer and electrical services
  • restore adjacent Pump House, including rebuild walls and roof structure
  • landscaping adjacent surrounds of the Coach House and Pump House
  • replace two pedestrian bridges located within the precinct that form a section of the Sturt River Linear trail with new pedestrian bridges that meet the minimum standard for shared use path and align with the recently upgraded paths.
Project start:
March 2021
Expected completion:
June 2022
Current status:

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Living Kaurna Cultural centre, Bedford Park, South Australia 5042