• $32,670

The Pines Foreshore Amenities project will contribute to a revitalisation of the coastal foreshore reserve.

The project will provide local economic stimulus with the engagement of local contractors for concreting and installation components (seats and picnic settings), and the sourcing of supplies locally.

Key highlights include:

  • A concrete viewing deck and pathways.
  • New amenities including, picnic settings (2), seats (3), handrails, post and chain fencing.
  • Improvements to the pedestrian ramp (old boat ramp) and re-vegetation.

This project is delivered through the Yorke Peninsula Council and is jointly funded by the State Government, Local Council and The Pines Community Association.

Total investment: $32,670 ($16,355 in state government grants).

Project start:
July 2020
Expected completion:
July 2021
Current status: